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Greeley, Colorado

The City of Greeley, Colorado is located in Northeast Colorado, about 60 miles north of Denver. Traditionally,

Greeley has been an agricultural capital, known for its agricultural land and factories. Recently, however,

WalletHub released a study that ranked Greeley as the number one fastest growing city in America for job

growth and the overall economy.


Greeley finds itself in Weld County and makes up a college town. Located in Greeley are both the University of

Northern Colorado and Aims Community College. The focus of the colleges and of much of the town's economy

is on agriculture and food processing.


Greeley is the biggest town in Weld County and for most of Northern Colorado, for that matter. Given its

proximity to the outdoors and the agricultural landscape of Greeley, Colorado, there are a lot of activities for its

residents to enjoy. Here are some of the top activities in Greeley, including museums, parks, hiking trails, and



Pawnee National Grasslands

Pawnee National Grasslands is a huge expanse of government-owned grasslands that make for great exploring.

You can navigate the beautiful grasslands by car, hike through it, make it a mountain biking trip, or travel

around by horseback. The Pawnee National Grasslands are beautiful and make an excellent place for hiking,

having a family picnic, or a romantic date night.


There is a campground located at Pawnee National Grassland, which is a great getaway. At only 25 miles

northeast of Greeley, Pawnee National Grasslands is a huge, open landscape, contained within a 30-by-60 mile

area. This place makes an excellent day trip, or a great weekend to camp.


AgriCULTURE Fest and Feast

Greeley has a long history of agriculture. Even today, agriculture makes up the majority of the job market and

economy in the county. The Greeley residents are very proud of their Western agriculture heritage and love to

celebrate it!


The AgriCULTURE Fest and Feast is put on every year as a celebration of Weld County’s rich agricultural and

artistic heritage and history. People come from all over Northern Colorado for this event which consists of a

market type affair, with local vendors and silent auctions taking place throughout the town. At the end of the

day, attendees are able to sit down and enjoy a delicious and decadent meal prepared by local chefs, using locally

sourced foods. There are also local craft beers and other spirits to enjoy before, during and after dinner.


Greeley Stampede

The Greeley Stampede is another celebration of the area’s rich agricultural history and Western Heritage. Every

year, a Greeley located nonprofit called The Greeley Stampede puts on a series of events to celebrate this

heritage. The biggest event is the Greeley Stampede, which is one of Colorado’s premier western summer

celebrations, taking place over 10 days. This festival is held at the Island Grove Regional Park, right before the

4th of July every year. It features a concert series, a rodeo series, American bullfighting event, a Demolition

Derby, a large carnival, food, vendors and plenty of activities for children and the whole family.


Centennial Village Museum

The Centennial Village Museum is an 8-acre living history experience featuring over 35 architecturally unique

structures. This live museum offers an interactive experience of the history and heritage of Greeley. Here, you

can experience the daily lives and challenges of the people who first settled Northeastern Colorado. Here, you

can see the real-working blacksmith forge and paint shop, where you will learn how the pioneers made rope and

cooked their food. This museum allows visitors to step back in time and learn about the early pioneer settling of

the western high plains.


Though Greeley is a small city, there are plenty of fun recreational activities. Greeley is full of delicious and

locally owned restaurants, businesses that assist in enjoying the outdoors, areas to be active and much more.

Below are just a few of the fun recreational activities you can enjoy in Greeley.


Discovery Bay Outdoor Waterpark

The Discovery Bay Outdoor Waterpark is located in east Greeley. It offers fun for the whole family, for people

of all ages! This is just one of the aquatics facilities located in Greeley. The Discovery Bay Waterpark is a themed

waterpark to make it feel like an archeological dig site. You won’t only have fun here, but you can learn more

about the history of Northern Colorado when dinosaurs roamed the area.


Other aquatic facilities in the city include a variety of indoor and outdoor pools, various splash parks and even a

few other waterparks! For a small city, Greeley sure does have a lot to offer it water-loving residents.


Greeley Ice Haus

The Greeley Ice Haus is a great resource for recreational activity for Greeley residents. It offers public ice

skating, family ice skating and lessons for all age groups and levels. The facility offers both youth and adult

hockey leagues, where residents can enjoy some friendly competition. It is also a popular location for birthday

parties and room rentals for private events. Broomball, a Colorado classic, is also offered at the Ice Haus. The

facility offers many fun events where people often go to socialize and enjoy some ice sports.


Sports for the Whole Family

Outside of the high school sports leagues, Greeley offers its residents with both adults, youth, and elder leagues

for countless sports including basketball, soccer, hockey, and way more. Greeley advocates for its residents to

enjoy activities that promote physical health. There is plenty to keep you busy through these leagues and

Greeley’s various recreational gym facilities.


Greeley has an elevation of 4,658 feet above sea level, only a few hundred feet below the elevation of Denver, the

Mile High City. Greeley is located in the Northeastern region of Colorado. Greeley does not have much water

located within its 30 mile area, except for the South Platte River and the Cache la Poudre River both running

through it.


Greeley’s geography is consistent with that associated with the High Plains of northern Colorado. Unlike many

areas of western Colorado, Greeley is fairly flat.


Greeley has an excellent public transportation system, allowing residents to hop around the city without a car of

their own. Greeley has a bus system that will take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. The bus system is

fairly accommodating in order to make it as easy as possible for residents to get around the city, and even get to

other cities like Fort Collins.


The standard bus in Greeley has 7 different routes. The standard rate for the bus is only $1.50 for one way trips.

An annual pass costs $240. The bus service offers senior discounts and riders 18 and under ride for free.


The Poudre Express is the commuter bus line in Greeley. This bus service connects Greeley, Windsor and Fort

Collins. It operates Monday through Friday, completing four runs in the morning, and three in the

afternoon/evening. This commuter line is equipped with free Wi-Fi and is very accommodating for its riders.


The Paratransit Service is offered to service disabled residents. It operates from Monday through Friday, from

6:00am to 7:00pm, and Saturday from 7:00am to 5:00pm. To qualify for the Paratransit, you must fill out an

application and fall under the qualifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.


Greeley has a lot to offer its residents and visitors. It has plenty of restaurants and coffee shops to offer, as well

as plenty of markets. Finding groceries in Greeley is no challenge as the area offers various grocery options.


There are various different shopping options in Greeley. Featuring both a significant number of locally owned,

smaller shops, and a traditional shopping mall full of international retailers.


Greeley offers numerous health service options. Not only does it include a distinguished hospital, but also

various specialized services such as dental and orthodontic offices, eye doctors, and specialized children clinics.


Greeley is not necessarily a cheap city to live in, but it is affordable. The medium home cost in Greeley is

$294,700, compared to the national average of $231,200, and the Coloradan average of $384,000. The average

mortgage amount in Greeley is around $450, with the median rent residing around $371. Buying a property in

Greeley is more affordable than many other locations in Colorado.


Greeley, Colorado landed itself in the Top 10 Affordable Places to Live in 2016, a ranking done by

Oftentimes the cost of living is analyzed on a scale. On this scale, featured on, 100 on the scale is

the national average. Overall, Greeley rates as 105.9, so a bit more expensive than other places in the US.

Compared to other locations in Colorado, however, Greeley is less expensive. Colorado’s overall rate is 121.1,

higher than Greeley’s.


The cost of utilities, transportation, groceries and healthcare are all lower than both the national average and the

Coloradan average, making Greeley one of the most cost efficient locations to live in Colorado. Compared to the

urban locations surrounding Greeley, such as Windsor and Fort Collins, Greeley is much less expensive.


Greeley experiences a semi-arid climate. High temperatures in the summer usually fall around 90-95 degrees

with the low temperatures in the winter landing around 16-27 degrees, in the coldest months.


Most of Colorado has an extremely dry climate and Greeley is no exception. Because of the city’s proximity to

the Rocky Mountains and location of a lower elevation, the city experiences fewer thunderstorms and

precipitation than the Western landscapes. That being said, however, the areas adjacent to the city experience

hailstorms. These areas are mostly comprised of farmland and can experience between 7 and 9 hail days per

year, sometimes resulting in significant damage to structures and vehicles.


Greeley offers its residents and visitors a good variety of places to shop that can provide everyone with a place

to find exactly what they are looking for. They showcase a wide range of well-known, national retailers and

numerous small town shops, locally owned and locally run.


Downtown Greeley is where you will find the locally owned and operated shops. You can enjoy an afternoon of

shopping while enjoying the unique atmosphere of the historic buildings, cobblestone roads and outdoor

beauty. Here, there is shopping for everyone! No matter what you are looking for, you should be able to find it

in the downtown shops.


Centerplace is a new development in Greeley that is meant to support the growing population. Here, you have

access to national retailers and bigger stores than you may find downtown. At Centerplace, you can find a

Target, Kohls, a Ross Dress for Less, and a Safeway.


Greeley also has a traditional shopping mall, where you can find many well-known stores. The mall retailers

offer what you would expect from a mall. Clothes, accessories, shoes, and even auto care. It offers over 70 stores

for shoppers to choose from. It even has a multiplex cinema that offers various movie theaters to show new



Though Greeley is not a big city, it is home to some great education opportunities. Greeley has a good variety of

public, charter and private schools, in addition to two colleges located in the city.


Public Schools: Greeley’s public school system serves more than 21,000 students in Greeley and Evans. Greeley

is located in Weld County School district 6, which includes 25 district-operated schools, six charter schools and

even one fully online school. This school district is the 13th largest in Colorado.


Elevating the public school experience, students at the Greeley public high schools have the great opportunity to

take courses through Aims Community College and the University of Northern Colorado. The local option of

attending college while still in high school is a great opportunity that many students choose to partake in. Each

high school also has Advanced Placement classes and some offer the International Baccalaureate Program.


Private Schools: In addition to the public school options in Greeley, there are various private schools that city

residents can attend. There are more than 10 private schools in Greeley, ranging in specialization and grade

range. Many of these schools are Jesuit, offering a specific experience for its students. There are both all girl and

all boy schools, as well as co-ed. There is a Montessori School as well, which offers students smaller class sizes

for more direct learning. Dayspring, a private Christian pre-k-12th grade school, is one of the largest private

schools in Greeley and offers many sports and extra curricular activities as well.


No matter what need your child has, there are plenty of options all the way from preschool through post high

school. Having two colleges in town is another benefit that many of these schools utilize in their teaching.