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Longmont Colorado Relocation Guide

Longmont, Colorado

Longmont, Colorado is located just about 33 miles northwest of the State’s capital city of Denver. Longmont is a

smaller city in Colorado, surrounded by the state’s most populated municipalities: Denver, Boulder, and Fort

Collins. The population of Longmont is just under 100,000 people, making it one of the bigger towns in


Longmont is a great place to live with a family. It is safe, there are great schools and there is plenty to do!

Residents in Longmont have access to unparalleled outdoor activities and it is in close proximity to Denver’s

biggest cities: Denver and Boulder. A location like this can’t be beat!


With such close proximity to the mountains in Colorado, a vibrant downtown, and exciting surrounding towns,

there is no short supply of activities to do in Longmont. Colorado. Whether you are an avid outdoor adventurer,

an art lover, or a homebody, there is a community of people and activities for you in Longmont. Here are some

of our favorites.

Art in Public Places

Art in Public Places was commissioned by the City of Longmont. This project allows residents and visitors to

submit ideas for sites for upcoming art projects. This project started back in 1987 and has been going strong ever

since. This is a great way for residents to showcase their artwork, no matter what kind of art it is! There is a

committee of residents who evaluate and approve art to be put in the public spaces around the city.

Sandstone Ranch Park

Sandstone Ranch sits on 313 acres of land full of natural, cultural and historic relevance. It is a community park

where you can enjoy traditional park experiences like going on picnics and playing on play structures. The park

is full of open spaces where you can enjoy playing recreational sports, bringing your dogs to play, and hang out!

The historic aspect of the park includes Visitors and Learning Center where you can learn about the property. It

was built in 1960 by the Coffin family as a homestead. You can learn about the early days of the homestead, the

Coffin family, and what the land was used for back then. There is a trail that takes you from the Visitors center

past several historical buildings where you can learn more about life in Longmont back then!

The Dougherty Museum

The Dougherty Museum is a museum in Longmont that showcases antique automobiles dating back to 100 years

ago. Many of the automobiles in the Dougherty Museum have been restored to running condition. It is a great

place to go to see the evolution of the automobile industry and to bring the family as a different kind of

Colorado activity.

Rabbit Mountain Open Spaces

Rabbit Mountain is situated in the eastern corner of the foothills in Longmont, Colorado. It is packed with trails

that are perfect for hiking, biking, and even horseback riding. The Ron Steward Preserve at Rabbit Mountain is a

protected area open during daytime use. Pets are allowed at the park so long as they are on a leash. Camping is

not permitted at the park, nor are fires. There are picnic tables scattered around the park, perfect for spending

the day outside with your family.

BrewHop Trolley Brewery Tours

In true Colorado fashion, a fun activity to do in Longmont is a brewery tour. Longmont is filled with breweries

that are local to Longmont and other areas of Colorado. The worst part about going on a brewery tour, is having

to figure out how you are going to get from place to place and home afterwards, without having a designated

driver. BrewHop Trolley Brewery Tours solves this issue! Hop on a trolley and take a tour of Longmont’s best

breweries, cideries, and distilleries. The trolley goes to 12 venues and gets you to each one safely. You can

reserve the trolley for a birthday event, a wedding reception, or any other event you feel like spending at a

variety of breweries!

Mile-Hi Skydiving Center

For those thrill seekers, Longmont has just the activity for you! Mile-Hi Skydiving Center allows you to dive

from 18,000 feet above sea level. This allows Mile-Hi Skydiving Center to give its adventurers one of the longest

free-falls in Colorado. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, this is the place for you.


There are plenty of activities to do to get out and active in Longmont, Colorado. When you live so close to the

mountains, it is hard not to take advantage of them! There are so many activities revolving around hiking,

mountain biking, and other outdoor adventures. In Longmont, there are also other recreational activities if you

are not an avid mountaineer. Below are some of the most notable recreational activities, on and off the


Union Reservoir

Union Reservoir is 736 acres of water that provides Longmont residents with an array of outdoor recreational

activities. The reservoir was naturally carved out during the last glacial age and is actually one of the very few

natural lakes in Colorado. There are so many activities to enjoy with your family here. You can enjoy boating in

the reservoir on either a personal or rented kayak or a sailboat! You can join the sailing club to learn how to sail,

or race if you are an experienced sailor already.

Union Reservoir is a fun place for the entire family, even the dog! There is an off-leash dog park and beach, so

dogs are able to run around in the sand and go swimming. There is a separate beach area that is open for

swimming. There are lifeguards situated on this beach so parents can relax while their children are swimming in

the water.


Longmont has three golf courses local to the city. You can enjoy a nice 18 holes or a short 9 holes at Twin Peaks

Gold, Sunset Golf Course, or Ute Creek Golf Course. Each of these courses has a stunning backdrop of the

mountains without having to travel too far out of the city.

Gyms/Recreation Centers

Longmont, Colorado offers a few gyms and recreational centers for its residents. Longmont Recreation Center is

a high-tech premiere workout facility. It has the most up to date machines and amenities. The facility includes a

babysitting area, a climbing wall, a lazy river, and even an indoor track. St. Vrain Memorial Building has a

smaller workout facility and indoor courts. Centennial Pool & Fitness Room is an indoor pool with 25-yard lap

lanes and other amenities.


Longmont, Colorado is located in the northeast area of Boulder County, spilling east into Weld County. The

general geography of this area of Colorado is mountainous, but flat. The elevation of Longmont is lower than its

Mile High neighbor. It sits at 4,978 feet above sea level. The whole city of Longmont is 27.6 square miles.

Longmont is situated on the plains of Colorado, similar to Boulder. That means there are plenty of beautiful

outdoor activities to enjoy! You can utilize the flat areas for long bike rides. You’re still close enough to the

mountains that you can easily go for a nice, short hike after work in the summer, or go on a harder and longer

one when you have more time.


Longmont has an excellent public transportation system that is free to its riders! The Ride Free Longmont

provides unlimited trips on local Longmont busses. This will take you anywhere you need in Longmont.

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) is the public transportation system for the Denver Metro region,

which includes bus routes to Longmont and Boulder. The RTD offers local, express and regional bus services

that vary in fares. You can take the bus to Denver and easily transfer onto local bus and light rail routes to get

you around the Mile High City.

There is an additional bus route that services Longmont called FLEX. FLEX is a bus route that brings Longmont

riders to and from Fort Collins and Berthoud. This is an excellent way to access Northern Colorado without a




Given the growing population of Longmont and the growing desirability of the city, there are so many great

amenities for residents here. Living in Longmont is not just beautiful, but convenient and fun! Longmont has a

beautiful main street that is overflowing with stores, restaurants, boutiques and bars. There is a great blend of

local stores and regional and national brands.

Everything from grocery shopping to shoe shopping is convenient in Longmont. There are local grocery stores

to do some quick shopping at, as well as numerou Safeways and a King Soopers.

Main Street offers plenty of options for shopping and eating. You can find stores that specialize in biking,

outdoor activities, clothing, yarn and even guns. Main Street is littered with coffee shops that offer a nice

environment for a catch-up with a friend or a study spot.

In addition to fun spots for eating and shopping, there are numerous hospitals and medical facilities in

Longmont. Though you never want to be rushed to the hospital, you always want one close by just in case

something does happen. It is also very convenient to have dentists and primary care physicians close by so you

do not have to set aside hours for these tasks.

Cost of Living

Colorado is becoming a more and more popular place to live. As a place gets more popular to live in, the price of

living tends to go up. Best Places does an analysis of the cost of living in cities across the United States. They set

the baseline of price at 100. Cities that rest above 100 are more expensive than the average cost of living in the

United States, and cities that rest below 100 are more affordable than average. Longmont, Colorado’s cost of

living is ranked at 122. Higher than Colorado’s average of 121.1 and the United States average of 100.

Best Places also ranks different factors that go into the overall ranking, compared to the average in the United

States. Longmont, Colorado is more expensive than the average in some areas, and less expensive in others.

Health and transportation costs are actually lower than the average, with health ranking at 94.2 and

transportation ranking at 92.5. Housing in Longmont is significantly more than the average in the United States,

at 172.1. This is higher than Colorado too, which lands at 166.1. Health costs rest at 94.2, more affordable than the

national average.


Best Places also ranks different factors that go into the overall ranking, compared to the average in the United

States. Longmont, Colorado is more expensive than the average in some areas, and less expensive in others.

Health and transportation costs are actually lower than the average, with health ranking at 94.2 and

transportation ranking at 92.5. Housing in Longmont is significantly more than the average in the United States,

at 172.1. This is higher than Colorado too, which lands at 166.1. Health costs rest at 94.2, more affordable than the

national average.


Like a lot of Colorado, Longmont has a fairly mild climate. The average temperatures in July are around 74

degrees with an average high of 90 degrees. The coldest month is typically December, with an average

temperature of 30 degrees, with an average low of 19 degrees. While it can get cold in Longmont in the winter

months, it experiences 300 days of sunshine, on average. Snow that falls in the winter melts quickly due to these

Colorado sunny days.

Longmont averages 15 inches of rain per year and about 36 inches of snow. This is higher than the United States

average of 28 inches on average. Longmont has a generally mild climate, making it an excellent place to make

your permanent residence!


Shopping in Longmont consists of a great mix of locally owned shops and boutiques, as well as more traditional

mall experiences of bigger name stores. Main Street is full of unique stores that Longmont residents frequently

visit. There are beautiful antique shops, filled with unique art and furniture. There are flea markets that feature

thrifted items and local artists and vendors.

For a more traditional shopping experience, Village at the Peaks is a shopping center that offers bigger retailers,

grocery needs, restaurants, and even a gym. Here you can do some shopping, then have a nice meal at one of

Village at the Peak’s numerous dining options. There is also a movie theater. Regal Cinemas is open at Village at

the Peaks everyday from noon until 10pm.


There are a lot of schools in the Longmont District. There are 24 elementary schools, 9 middle schools, 8 high

schools, and 3 alternative schools. There are also 3 community colleges in Longmont and 6 charter schools.

If your student needs special education that is not included in traditional schooling, there are plenty of options!

With 6 different charter schools to choose from and 3 community colleges, you can be sure your child will get

the education and attention they need.