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Questions To Ask An Agent

10 Questions

You Need To Ask An Agent Before You Hire

Many people hire the first real estate agent they come across and assume that all agents provide the same quality

of service. DON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE!! Take some time to make sure the agent you use will be the right fit

for you and provide the best service possible. Below are ten questions that you should ask any agent before

agreeing to work with them. Make sure you can foresee yourself working closely with this person for years to

come. It is best to take the time now, before you start. This will save you pain and frustration down the road and

ensure that your home buying or selling is as smooth and stress free as possible.

10 Questions

1) How long have you been an agent?

Typically, the longer an agent has been working, the more industry knowledge they have, and better suited they

are to handle any issues that come their way. They will also have more connections and relationships that can be

of assistance to you. However, don't assume that just because an agent has been working for many years that

he/she is competent. This is only one of several factors in determining if an agent is right for you.


2) How many homes did you help buyers purchase last year?

I would not work with an agent who sold less than 10 homes to buyers the previous calendar year. Make sure it

was to buyers (unless you are selling then you want to make sure they sold that many properties for sellers).

There is a large difference between helping someone sell their home and helping someone buy a home. On the

other end of the spectrum, an agent who helps sell/buy 50+ houses a year may be too busy to give you good

service or cater to your specific needs.


3) Do you work full-time or part-time as an agent?

Many agents only work part-time. I worked part time until I built my business large enough to take it full-time.

Full-time agents will have more time to dedicate to you. They are also more dedicated to serving you because

their entire livelihood depends on it.


4) Are they a Realtor or Real Estate Agent?

Most people don't know or care about the difference between these two. Simply put a Realtor is a member of the

National Association of Realtors (NAR) and are held to a higher standard and a code of ethics on top of the

normal real estate license. A real estate agent isn't a member of NAR. Really the big difference to you is that a

Realtor is someone who takes pride in his/her work and wants to work with integrity. Realtor's tend to take their

business more seriously because it does cost quite a bit of money and time to maintain that designation.


5) Do you work as part of a team?

Now there are pros and cons with teams and individuals, but it is important to know what you are getting into

before you start. If you just really like the personality of the agent but they work on a team, it is possible that

you won't do most of your face to face work with the agent directly. So if a specific agent is your main draw,

then an individual may be better for you. A team, however, can provide a more specialized skill set and can

often be run more efficiently. Make sure that the team seems well organized. The biggest problem that can

occur with teams comes if they aren't organized and they don't communicate well.


6) Can you speak to a reference?

If you found this agent through a reference, then this one might not apply. If you didn't, it is very valuable to

hear from other clients about what they liked and didn't like. There is no such thing as a perfect agent, so make

sure you press the reference for cons.


7) What is your preferred method of contact?

Everyone has their preference when it comes to methods of contact. Make sure the agent you choose can and

will be available and quick to communicate with you in ways you want them to. This may seem like a small

thing, but if you don't like to receive texts and that is all your agent sends, then it will be very frustrating for you.


8) What does your typical process look like for buyers (sellers)?

Every agent will have slight deviations to their process, but the agent should be able to explain the process on

the fly without issue. If they can't, it might mean they are disorganized or they "shoot from the hip" so to speak.

If that is the case you will find yourself in stressful situations because the agent wasn't on top of things.


9) How many clients are you currently working with?

Agents are always trying to increase business, but sometimes they get too busy because they won't turn down

work. Make sure that whoever you hire is going to have the time to provide excellent service.


10) What tactics do you use to help buyers get the best deal on a home?

Agents should have a few tactics that they employ to ethically/legally get offers accepted. Asking this question

allows you to gauge what kind of an agent he/she is. It helps you see how dedicated they are to their clients and

if the agent operates with integrity or not.